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Legends & Athlete U 5-tool Enhancement Program

Designed for Baseball and Softball. This Program runs November 2nd – March 4th. Pre-testing “tryouts” will be October 3rd, 10th, & 17th from 1pm – 4pm time slots.


Due to the increasing numbers wanting to get into this program we are going to change the structure a little to keep the value of the program the best in the area. We will have tryouts to place the kids in the right spot for them to be able to get the most out of the program. During tryouts we will measure each athlete’s base numbers, these numbers will be tracked over the Fall and Winter to track each athlete’s progress. Remember, everyone on the field is a throwing athlete.  Throwing is not just for pitchers, ALL positions will benefit from this program.

Three Phase Process

5-tool Enhancement Program

Phase 1

Foundation phase

This phase will be a mechanical breakdown, teaching our body how to move like an athlete and create the right movement patterns. This will consist of more drill work. Creating shoulder/hip separation through measured shoulder/hip mobility. There will be limited hitting and throwing when progressing through these phases of the program. This is the most critical of the phases, if we can teach our bodies to move more explosively everything will fall into place with the other phases.

Phase 2

Strength phase

This is exactly what it sounds like. Now we take on a heavier load of swings and throws.

Med ball training
Weighted ball training
Long toss program
Med ball training
Learning barrel control through drills
Weighted ball routine

Phase 3

Blending Phase

Now it’s time to put what we have learned in the first 2 phases to work.

Start throwing off the mound
Utilizing the Rapsodo – learning strengths and weaknesses
Throwing live to hitters
Machine work fastballs/curveballs
Hitting live off the pitchers

Driven For Excellence

Program Levels

Starting the week of October 18th we will send out invites to purchase and start booking into the recommended program for your athlete.

Each athlete will be put into a competitive atmosphere to make every aspect of this program to train with a purpose. We will break this program up into 3-phases. All athletes numbers will be tracked throughout the program and constantly updated for the players/families.

5 tool


For the younger players that need a little more guidance and mechanical work. The groups will be a little smaller for more hands-on work and guidance. These will be 1 hour classes that you will be able to pick from what skills you would like to work on daily.


For the players that can work in a little larger groups and stay on task with an instructor involved in the daily training. These will be 1.5 hour classes working on mainly hitting and throwing with some fielding mixed in some days.


For the more advanced players that can take their program and work through it with little guidance. This will be membership based, where kids can come in during certain times of the day/weekend to get their individualized work done.

View some of the phase training workouts below.

5-Tool Program Packages

The registration links, prices, and an example of the schedule for each Legends program are below. All times listed are subject to change.


1 hour classes

You can choose from different skill classes – Hitting, fielding, throwing and catching.

* Times will be determined after tryouts.

Max of 5 athletes in each session.

10 Classes – $350 ($35 per class)
20 Classes – $600 ($30 per class)
30 Classes – $750 ($25 per class)

This program develops your athlete for strength, agility, power and conditioning.

4-5 Tuesdays/Thursdays & 10-11 on Sundays

12 sessions – $240
24 sessions – $430
36 Sessions – $540


1.5 hour sessions

Tuesdays-Thursdays 7-830, Sundays 1-4 Split into 2 groups approximately 45 minutes of each hitting and pitching.

Max of 16 athletes per session.

12 sessions – $360 ($30 per class)
24 sessions – $660 ($27.50 per class)
36 sessions – $810 ($22.50 per class)

This program develops your athlete for strength, agility, power and conditioning.

5-6 Tuesdays/Thursdays & 11-12 on Sundays

12 sessions – $240
24 sessions – $430
36 Sessions – $540


Monthly Membership

Mondays-Fridays 3-430, 730-9 & Sundays 130-430.

2 month – $450
4 month – $825

If you are not already a Level II member you can purchase a membership at a discounted rate if you are in this program for $29 per month or $100 for 4 months.

Enhancement class for varsity members only. View description below

Mondays 3-430, Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-430 & 7-9, Fridays 3-430 & Sundays 12-4 or 430

60 Enhancement by Athlete U

The 60-speed enhancement is a speed camp designed to help make your 60-yard dash time drop! Athletes will be put through baseline testing to see where their current time is and will be tested throughout the program to see how their times are progressing. Each athlete can expect to gain a quicker first step, improved running technique as well as quicker fast twitch reaction. Our 60-speed enhancement camp will also focus on proper warm-ups and cool downs to reduce the likelihood of injury.

16 Sessions (1x/wk-all 16 weeks of program- $290 ($18 session)
32 Sessions (2x/wk)-all 16 weeks of program-$480 ($15 session)


If you are purchasing JV or Freshman your sessions or classes will be added to your account within 48 hours of your purchase.


No Excuses. Train With Intent.

If you put the work into this program, you will get the results you are looking for.

Legends 5-Tool FAQ

What To Expect

You will likely get out of this program what you put into it. Skill development is a process and typically requires relentless hard work and commitment. This program is designed for serious athletes. Those willing to put the work in each week throughout this off season will see better results than the ones that start and stop. On average we see an increase in throwing/hitting velocity of 5-10 mph.  Athletes that were more dedicated typically saw greater velocity increases. This program requires a lot of work, Athletes will need to be self motivating, committed and work with intent to receive optimum RESULTS. The program is designed for players to attend  2-3 classes a week for maximum results.

Partnered With Athlete U

Athlete U has partnered with Legends Baseball/Softball this upcoming Fall and Winter to enhance 5-tool athletes’ performance. During this program, our strength and conditioning coaches will focus on increasing potential performance and proper training techniques to help reduce the risk of injury. By adding their strength and conditioning component to the 5-tool program, players will now receive the benefit of a total development program focusing on reaching max athletic development and performance. They will help your athlete reach a new level of strength, agility, power and overall conditioning. The exercises performed during this program will be geared towards improving total body strength, rotational power and lower body power.

More About Tryouts

Every athlete that wants to participate in the 5-tool will have to go through pretesting “tryouts”. They will be tested in exit velocity, hitting accuracy, hitting/throwing videos, mound velocity, run & gun, and pummel ball velocity.  Athlete U, ran by Level II fitness will also be getting baseline numbers for agility/strength. The tryout dates and times are listed above, if you can not make any of the dates listed please contact [email protected] to arrange something individually. Go to this link to get registered for tryouts. After you make a username/password, go to buy, packages, 5-tool program tryouts, then book into the time slot on the self service calendar you want to attend.

After the tryouts we will then place the kids in the groups we feel they will get the most growth over the off season. The 3 groups will be broken into ability levels and not strictly on age.  If we feel like they are ready for the next group they can be moved up after the start of the program. The 3 groups will go as follows.

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We are extremely excited about this program! With the added features this year and the athletes success in the past. This is going to be a GREAT off season for the athletes.

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