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Train With Intent

No Excuses

Train With Intent

No Excuses

Train With Intent

Summer Camps

$75 per session or $240 for all sessions

June 8th & 10th, June 15th & 17th, June 22nd & 24th, June 29th & July 1st

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All lessons will be available to purchase at our Moline location soon. Please contact Cory to set up lessons.

1 – Half Hour Individual Lesson
$38.00 at Moline
$38.00 at TBK
8 – Half Hour Individual Lessons
$288.00 at Moline
$288.00 at TBK
Small group baseball lessons in the Quad Cities
5 – Small Group Lessons
(Per athlete. Max of 3 kids per session.)
$150.00 at TBK
Small group baseball lessons in the Quad Cities
10 – Small Group Lessons
(Per athlete. Max of 3 kids per session.)
$275.00 at TBK

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Legends Baseball and Softball Academy

Baseball Training & Premier Facilities

Legends Baseball and Softball Academy provides players in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois the opportunity to work with highly experienced baseball and softball instructors in the Quad Cities. With locations in Moline, Il and at the new, beautiful 275,000 square ft., state of the art TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf, IA, players will have world class facilities in which to improve. Legends will provide players private, semi-private and group training for players of all ages and levels. Legends is a full-service facility with the mission to provide the highest level of development for your baseball/softball player. If your player strives to improve their game, Legends should be their home.

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Our first camp starts tomorrow. This is the last day to register for all 4 camps and save $60. Thanks everyone! #baseball #softball #youthsoftball #youthbaseball #quadcities ...

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Former Legends pitcher, Emily Blucker, throws nearly 2 consecutive no hitters in 2 days. A 1 hitter on Thursday and a no-hitter on Friday for Olivet Nazarene Univeristy. Emily received pitching instruction from Legends’s softball pitching coach, Larry Rice. Congratulations on your achievement, Emily!! ...

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Who thinks they can hit out at Citi field?!?! ...

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@sacco_sports with the 🔥 drip 💧!!! DM us or DM @dakotabacus309 for more info!!! ...

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Are you looking for some extra training before or during your athlete's season? Request lessons at We offer individual and small group sessions in convenient packages. #baseballtraining #quadcities #bettendorf #youthsports #youthsoftball ...

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Sign up your athlete today for hitting, pitching, fielding or catching training lessons at We offer individual and small group sessions in convenient packages. #youthbaseball #youthsoftball #quadcities #baseballtrainer ...

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What an awesome group for our 5-tool 2020-2021 off-season program. ...

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LATE UPLOAD: The President's Day Camp was a success and thanks to everyone who participated this year! Our trainers went over hitting, throwing, pitching, fielding and agility with the athletes. All of the kids did a great job and had a lot of fun. Stay tuned for our upcoming camps. ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ #youthbaseball #youthsoftball #baseballtraining #softballtraining #quadcities #bettendorf ...

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Here we are talking about being aware of hand positioning when throwing a curveball. I love this drill for guys who are learning to throw a curveball. To be really honest I love this drill for guys who throw both slider and curveball. Because you can make a quick fix on making sure both pitches aren’t the same and they don’t morph into 1.

Reason being, in this drill we can be aware of trunk rotation and keep track of arm slot. If the trunk is rotating like a “Mary-go-round” the entire time then we can pretty much predict we are coming around the baseball. If we can get the athlete to become aware of rotating more like a “Ferris wheel” we have a better chance of getting on top of the baseball. Once we get consistent release and consistent spin then we can learn windows in the strike zone.

What’s crazy is you can teach this at all levels. As long as someone is open minded. I just had a convo with a pro guy down in Florida who throws 100! A pro guy with stuff that has a 10 yr career future in the works. Don’t feel like you know it all guys. Be a sponge and learn. Not everyone is the same.

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See speed and agility can be fun. We don’t always do speed and agility. Most days we lift weights but throw speed and agility in there at least 2x a week. All that running followed by a little bocce ball?! Why not!!! ...

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Huge Birthday shout out to mad Max!!! Always comes in with a smile and keeps us on our toes. Happy birthday from all of us at legends! ...

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Patrick O’Brien -12yrs old out here showing off that hard work pays off! Mound Velo 63 to 72! Young buck has a lot of potential!

Rickey Creviston-13yrs old puts his head down and goes to work. Goes from 64 on the mound to 75. What?! Let’s gooooo! Super pumped for his future.

Jake Nelms- 16yrs old has seen a big jump in velo this off season. Coming in at 74 and jumping to 81! Last year topping out at 76, we couldn’t crack the code. But not this year, this year we worked hard and jumped 7mph from Day 1!

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